Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions


Allison specializes in contested divorces. She is very able in the courtroom fighting for her clients and their children's rights. Her clients believe they have the advantage when they work to settle because Allison will back them in Court.

Prior to filing for divorce, you must physically reside in the State of Nevada for six weeks.

If you have children and wish to have your divorce decree or custody order enforced in the State of Nevada, you and the children must physically reside in the State of Nevada for six months before your out-of-state Order can be filed in Nevada.

The minimum child support is $100 per month per child and the maximum is $930 per child up to a gross monthly income of $14,816 per month. Child support is based on the non-custodial parent's gross monthly income. For one child it is 18 percent of the gross monthly income; for two children it is 25 percent, for three children it is 29 percent; for four children it is 31 percent and two percent more for each child thereafter.

You may be entitled to alimony, depending on the length of your marriage and the income made by each spouse. There are many, good alimony cases in the State of Nevada requiring the payment of alimony.

In Carson City and Douglas County, mediation is mandatory in all cases filed involving a custody or visitation dispute. Mediation must be completed prior to a court hearing being set. Mediation only involves issues of custody and visitation. The cost of mediation is separate from the fees you pay Allison. Mediators usually charge $50 an hour. You are required to post a $300 mediation retainer. Clients attend mediation without their attorneys.

If you wish to relocate to another state with your children, you must file a Notice of Relocation with the Court, obtain the Court's permission to leave or obtain the non-custodial parent's written permission to leave. There are many good cases in the State of Nevada supporting relocation by the custodial parent.

An uncontested divorce will take a couple weeks to complete if the parties are in full and complete agreement on everything.

A contested divorce can take from three to four months or up to one or two years to complete.

Allison's law practice is limited to Carson City and Douglas County.


Allison charges $295 an hour for her fees. Her fees include court appearances; telephone calls; meetings with clients, opposing counsel and witnesses; reviewing and preparing correspondence and legal documents; and part of her travel time.

Fully uncontested divorces are $1,500. This includes the filing fee. Allison will meet with only one party in an uncontested divorce.

Allison requires a retainer of usually $5,000 (plus) on most contested divorces. She bills against this retainer at the rate of $295 an hour.

Uncontested adoptions are $1000 plus the costs, which are approximately $150.

An uncontested Termination of Parental Rights action is $1000 plus the costs, which are approximately $146 if no publication is required and approximately $350 if service by publication is required.

Allison does not charge for normal postage, long distance charges or copies. If the copies and long distance charges are extraordinary, then the client will be additionally charged.


Allison is also a trained mediator. She will mediate a divorce when both parties choose to work together to settle their case. To hire Allison as a mediator, both parties must agree to use her services in advance. She will not meet with one party without the other.

Mediation requires a certain level of civility and trust. Mediation is a useful process for many people. Allison, husband and wife may also choose to have their separate attorneys advise them during the mediation process.

If both spouses want to retain control of their divorce, mediation is an excellent option.

MEDIATION FEES Allison charges $350 per hour.


Allison worked as a criminal prosecutor in the Carson City District Attorney's Office. She served as the Chief Criminal Deputy. She vigorously defends the rights of criminal defendants requiring legally obtained proof. She has an excellent jury trial record.

Allison charges $1,000 for most First DUI's; $1,500 for most Second DUI's; and $5,000 for most Third DUI's. Allison charges $1,000 for most misdemeanor cases; $1,500 for most gross misdemeanor cases and $5,000 to $10,000 for most felony cases.

All costs, including investigator fees, witness fees, service of process fees, court reporter fees, etc., are in addition to the above fees.

We are open from 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8:30 to 3 on Fridays. We are closed from 12 to 1 p.m. for lunch. We are closed on all State holidays. See our phone book advertisement.

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